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If I owe you a post, I am getting to it; I just have about zero drive for posting prose length at the moment

Hope everyone is well.

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Need more open-minded people to follow/play with. 

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{drunk voice mail} Lestat. Stat stat. Stat stat stat. Where are you? Why you not love me? I'm pretty. Everyone tell me I'm pretty. I'm smart too. And not crazy killer like your Louis. I love your Louis. Can I have him back? He pretty to look at and I like petting his hair. Maybe I get black lab with green eyes and name him Pretty Louis. Everyone drunk in Miami tonight. Something de Mayo. I don't know. Blood taste funny. Good funny. Come drink wit me.

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◢ To The Masquerade [Closed]

Lestat stood outside of David’s house on the front walkway, mask in hand. The Brit had told him to meet him at precisely 7pm at his home, but Lestat was early. Almost 30 minutes early, to be precise. This was a rare occasion for Lestat. Not the masquerade, no. He had gone to plenty of those in his time, but being early to meet someone was nearly unheard of with Lestat. Perhaps he could blame it on nerves and excitement. David had asked him weeks ago to be his date and now the day was here.

The blonde walked up to his fledgling’s home, ringing the bell. He hoped he was not too early. Perhaps he should have taken the long way around?

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Lestat is playing the flamboyant card at this Masquerade. He calls it “A Dance in Lavender.” He thought the horned mask was rather fitting as well.

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“‘Cause you bring my heart to its knees.”

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viaticumforthemarquise replied to your photo

If you wear that for the inevitable Christmas “family” photo, I’ll wear a tuxedo and facial hair. He’ll be furious.

How amusing that would be.

So, the theme is to dress in a ridiculous manner?

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"What?!" (thepharaoh-enkil) (because mun is a brat and super bored)

This is…….certainly unexpected….

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Send me a symbol for a:

✌ - Drunk/drugged text

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⚠ - An emergency text

☾ - A bedtime text

✈ - A text while travelling

✴ - An angry text

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Well, Bianca. What a lovely surprise.

Although, I wonder if your motives behind this somehow involve making my mother jealous…

Never, you’re a bad copy of her…



Let’s say you’re two inches different.

You have sass to rival my own. I’m unsure whether to be amused by your apparent talent for sass, or feeling disdain for the insult.

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