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◢ La Sonate de Mort [Closed]


Lestats outburst surprised him. Nicki had expected the same childish tantrums Lestat normally brought out when he was feeling defensive, not a sudden outpouring of acknowledgement of his faults. He frowned, studying the blond carefully for even the minutest sign of trickery, that Lestat was putting on a show to try and win back his trust, playing on the weaknesses he knew Nicki had back when they last saw each other.

"What I want?" Nicolas repeated, the words catching in his throat as though he’d never been asked the question before. For the briefest moment, he felt himself falter, that flicker of hesitation borne from a sliver of hope that one day things would be different, but it was quickly extinguished as the weight of memory crashed down upon it, Nicki being unable to get past everything that had happened, particularly when he’d been held captive by Armand and the Children of Darkness. Instead, the hesitation morphed into Nicki second guessing himself, that horridly familiar feeling that he couldn’t even trust his own judgement, much less a word that came out of Lestats mouth.

Before Nicki could stop himself, words fell from his trembling lips. “I don’t know.” he murmured, the truth escaping him before he could catch it. Sighing, he steeled himself, trying to hold himself together. “I don’t know what I want, Lestat. The truth would be a good start, but you said it yourself, you have no concept of it. Maybe for you to understand just exactly what you put me through? What that did to me? How I still clung to hope like a fool time and time again?”

The brunette was getting more and more upset as he spoke, tears starting to stream down his face at a steady rate. “Do you know any of that? In over two hundred years, has it ever crossed your mind with any seriousness at all, or even in only barely more than passing thought? Lets say, hypothetically, I spared you a small measure of my time once more, simply just to tell you these things; would you listen? Would you understand and accept responsibility for them? Would you care that even now, I struggle with it? What your being here now could potentially undo if I did give you a moment?”

Nicki chewed his lip and wiped his face. “Do you know what the worst thing is? That I still mourn the man I fell in love with back in that village, and I have to face eternity knowing that man doesn’t exist anymore.”

Lestat did not interrupt him, or reach out to him to provide some sort of comfort. He knew better. No matter how much this conversation hurt him, Lestat was glad they were having it. So he continued to listen. Every word cutting him like a knife. All of them reaffirmed just how much he deserved this exile and solidified what he knew he had become. What he was desperately trying to change. Was there even the slightest of chances that he could prove that to anyone at all? Lestat knew the odds, and he knew better than to get his hopes up for any such miracle. No level of apologies would dig him out of this hole he had dug himself.

"I’ve learned a great deal about the truth in recent years, Nicolas. I knew what it was then, but I didn’t care for how important it was. What it meant to be truthful." He paused, eyes downcast. "I now know the importance of it, and whatever it is you decide to ask of me, I will not lie. I know it is going to hurt me a great deal to do this, and you will feel pain from this as well…" He swallowed dryly, hands finding their way into his pockets. Opening up all these old wounds was going to hurt."So if you want the truth, ask it of me."

"Nicolas, I was an idiot in every sense of the word back then, and in many ways, I still am. Do I understand what my actions did to you? I am beginning to get an idea." He looked at him sadly, his bright eyes filled with regret as he spoke. "I cannot change the past; I cannot change what I did…no matter how much I wish I could. I was a fool for not telling you about what happened to me…for not coming to you. I was selfish in my actions. I should have returned to you, or I should have ceased in sending my gifts. One or the other….But I didn’t want to lose you…I was so very scared of that." He gave him a very sad smile.

"Of course you have crossed my mind, In all these years, you’ve wandered into my mind more times than I can measure." He had to look away in that moment, unable to bear the sight of Nicki’s tears. "I missed you so terribly when I arrived in New Orleans that I made a fledgling simply because he reminded me of you in so many ways, and that was the only thing I could do to ease the pain I felt. I never once thought that you could have survived the funeral pyre. That you would part with your violin..that meant only one thing to me." Lestat was leaning against the wall again, one hand reaching up to his forehead to massage his temple. He had not written about this in his books for a reason. "And when I went through Heaven and Hell. I looked for you. I asked for you, but you were not there. In that moment, I had a terrible thought about what it means to die as a Vampire. If not Heaven or Hell, where do we go? What happens to us? Were you somewhere alone in endless darkness? Or had you faded into nothing, as if you never were? It pained me to think that. You did not deserve that."

"I do care, Nicolas. If I did not want to listen, to care, I would already be gone from this place." He would listen to whatever Nicolas had to say to him. He was done making excuses for himself. Of course, it was his former lover’s final statement that almost made Lestat crumble. It was then that he could no longer hold himself back. He reached out , grabbing his hand gently his eyes glistening. "The fame of the theatre might have morphed that young man and magnified his terrible traits: his selfishness, his narcissism, his little knowledge of what it actually meant to love. When he became a Vampire, the strength, the power….it only made it worse. What little remained of him, I saw as weakness."

He squeezed Nicki’s hand then, his voice filled with emotion. “So I buried him deep and forgot him. Oh, but he never left…Never. He’s always been there in the back of my mind, being my conscience and filling me with regret and disappointment for all that I do.” He almost smiled. “Now I desperately want to be him again; I don’t want to continue being Lestat, Brat Prince. I want to be Lestat, the Wolf Killer……..Lestat, the Dreamer. But with every step I take forward, I often take another two back…but I keep trying..”

"Do you want to take this conversation to somewhere more private? I do not want your reputation here soiled in any way on my account." His hotel room was just up the way.

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Lestat opened his front door, brow furrowed as to whom would be calling upon him at this hour. Especially unannounced. As he opened the door, he was met with an unfamiliar face.

"…ah, can I help you, miss…?" He asked, brow raised in mild confusion. Who was this woman?

She was…surprised at the sight of the room she was now in. No, surprised didn’t really suit the feeling. ‘Amazed’ seemed more proper for it. The sheer luxury of it showed just how much wealth this vampire had. But what caught her attention was the name.

Lestat. She’d heard of that name before, read it in books. Part of her mind wanted to deny this, but something about the other vampire was telling her otherwise. “And all this time, I thought you were just a fictional character.”

Lestat stood silently as he let her gaze around the room. If she saw this room as a sign of wealth, then she had no idea how much he had simplified the place. He used to have such a luxurious taste. Everything had to be a sign of wealth. Lestat was not so much like that these days, but he did have his comforts. This room was one of those comforts. The rest of the house was no where near as filled with wealth, except perhaps the master bath. She would not see that room, of course.

"Oh, dear, that is what all fictional characters, especially Vampires want you to think." He laughed, looking at her again. "No, no. I’m very real, and so are the others." He sat down on the couch. With the shutters down, they had some time before slumber was inevitable. "I don’t suppose you are from a book, too? Or perhaps a film? I don’t recall the name Sarah in any Vampire literature that I have read…" He raised a brow, smiling as he pat the seat next to him. "We’ve got some time for conversation. Do sit."

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I’m currently in the process of studying for a quiz I have on Monday. I am mostly caught up on posts now, with the exception of one post. This week is going to be exceptionally busy with all the shifts I have a work this week, in addition to the internship, and my classes. 
So, if I don’t get to your post right away this week, I apologize! 
I’ll be lurking the dash for the remainder of the evening while I study~ [I might post, too, depending on if I get some replies or not.]

I’m currently in the process of studying for a quiz I have on Monday. I am mostly caught up on posts now, with the exception of one post. This week is going to be exceptionally busy with all the shifts I have a work this week, in addition to the internship, and my classes. 

So, if I don’t get to your post right away this week, I apologize! 

I’ll be lurking the dash for the remainder of the evening while I study~ [I might post, too, depending on if I get some replies or not.]

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◢ If You Can’t Stand The Heat ₪ askthebratprince


'Oh lovely' Dean thought to himself. Wasn't just like him after all to get into a situation where he'd have to make a deal with something to get back to where he needed to be. Running through EVERY other time that this had happened in his head Dean had to stifle back a laugh. Sadly he thought to himself 'Well, at least this isn't a demon. If I'm lucky he won't ask for my soul in a year.' Then again with his luck— Pushing the thought from his mind. Dean looked back at Lestat.

For a moment Dean wondered if he was mocking him. Not that he wasn’t used to that. He’d been mocked and laughed at so many times he’d lost count. But, the truth was he was the best. Money wouldn’t make a difference because now— even if he wanted to get out it was pointless to try. Everything knew who he was and they all wanted to see him dead. He’d done enough damage to enough creatures and if he hadn’t his father or brother had. “I don’t think it has anything to do with money at this point.” Dean stated as his eyes met the others. “My name’s enough to get me killed even if I were to try to have a normal life. I’ve got demons and—” Hell he even had angels that wanted to see him burn but, that wasn’t the point. “I’ve got a price on my head.” Even hunters life spans were short. Especially Winchester’s lifespans. 

Throwing his hands up with a shrug Dean realized there wasn’t much he had to lose. Laughing he added “Dude I guarantee your vehicle is closer. Mine’s all the way back in the city.” His need to promise not to follow him was something that Dean understood. “Nah I won’t follow you. Besides something tells me if I were to off you demons would be the last of my worries. Although teenage girls are just as bad.”

"I cannot exactly judge how deadly your name is without knowing it. Though, if it means anything at all, I don’t recognize you, and I’ve encountered quite a few hunters in my life time." Lestat remembered names. They stuck in his mind like stage make up to a face. If this Hunter was famous, he’d need his name. At least he could say they had never crossed paths before, as Lestat did not know his face in the slightest. "Price on your head? Been there, done that. At the very least, you can say that you don’t have me gunning to kill you." He let out another laugh.

"Good, you agree! This way." He fished his keys out of his pocket, tossing them into the air and catching them as he turned, walking off the path and into the trees. At the comment of teenage girls, Lestat made a tutting noise, looking back at him. "Oh, no. You’ve got the wrong Vampire there. Teenage girls? My, my…they have not been part the large part of my little fan army since… I’d say…the 1970’s to 1990’s. No, you’d dealing with the the long time fans; Most are married with children fans. Ah, but that’s what I get for having my life is publicized into prose."

"The name’s Lestat, by the way. Lestat de Lioncourt." He smirked. Finally, after walking for quite some time, they reached the highway. Lestat did not walk to the road through, instead he worked at moving some very large branches he had placed to hide his car. Once gone, a pristine, red ‘69 Stinray was revealed. Lestat hopped into the drivers seat and started up the engine.

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◢ La Sonate de Mort [Closed]


Nicki let out a shivering sigh, a bloody tear coursing down his pale cheek. What was this? Had Lestat suddenly found some humility? Or just more honeyed words and lies designed to trick Nicki into letting his guard down and leave himself open to manipulation again? The thought was maddening.

"Are you? Really?" he murmured, turning back to face the blond. "Or are you just trying to tell me what you think I want to hear? I stopped being able to tell the difference centuries ago."

There was an unfathomable sadness to his tone. One of a heart so broken, the fragments and splinters reduced to all but dust now. “And what difference do you think it would make to me if you are telling the truth for once? You are happy that I am alive. So what? Am I supposed to be thankful for that? Be grateful that you still claim to care? I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you when you say you want nothing. You’ve always wanted something, and you’ve always been determined to take it at all costs.”

In that moment, Nicki decided there was something he wanted. Something he’d always wanted, if he was entirely honest with himself. Not apologies. Not gifts or grandiose declarations of love and devotion. They were the false things Lestat dressed himself in to get what he wanted. Nicolas wanted the truth. He wanted to know if Lestat had ever truly loved him, why he thought abandoning him was kinder than the truth of what he was. He wanted to know why Lestat didn’t try harder to save him, to fight Nicki himself to reach through the madness and delirium and find him. Why didn’t Lestat come to Paris after his alleged death to mourn him?

Nicki had so many questions left unanswered and all he wanted for them were truths, unadorned and unsweetened, no matter how ugly they might be. Lestat owed him that, at least, surely? Whether or not Lestat was capable of being honest was an entirely different matter.

"I’ll ask you again, Lestat. What do you want?"

Lestat frowned. “I don’t know what you want to hear, Nicki. It’s been centuries since we last saw each other. You have no doubt changed, have you not? You could have become a completely different man with completely different tastes,” he said quietly. Lestat had changed, too. “I’m not going to even pretend that I know you or what you want anymore…”

That was why he had been content with just seeing him, just listening to him play. He had not wanted to approach him and be met with a completely different Nicki than the one he remembered. Lestat was able to hear the sadness that penetrated his former lover’s tone. He wondered if Nicki was able to hear the loneliness, how tired and sad he himself tried to hide. “I expect nothing from you. I do not expect you to believe me,” he sounded defeated, as if he had had this conversation thousands of times before. Because he had with every old friend he had come into contact with within the past five years. “Because who would, after all I’ve done? I am the Father of Lies; I have no concept of truth whatsoever! That’s exactly what I am, isn’t it?”

It occurred to Lestat that Nicki might not know what he had done, and how he was being punished for his actions. Lestat took a small comfort in that possibility. However, it would be quickly quashed once he told him, which was inevitable. What he had done, though it was 5 years ago, would reconfirm Nicki’s idea of who he was and how he was. 

"Fine. You win! What do I want?! I don’t want to be alone anymore. I want someone, for once to give me a small chance to let me prove to them that I am not my reputation….that I am trying to change! Five years of solitude and counting, but I’ve felt alone for longer than that….Because all of them leave eventually, but not you, of course. I am to blame for that,” he said, as he looked increasingly upset. “Oh, but I dug myself into this hole. I had every opportunity thrown at me so I could climb out…but selfish old me did not listen. No, I was far too focused on me, on my adventure. And I blew it. Now, I do not have a way out, and I am sitting at the bottom of this figurative hole alone…And I know I deserve it.”

“What is it that you want, Nicki?” He asked, now leaning against the wall.Maybe this conversation would help him in the long run. Things had gotten so bad this year that Lestat had even gone to a therapist. Yes, you read that right. Lestat was seeing a therapist. The therapist had suggested he confront thing things that caused him the most inner turmoil. His past with Nicki was one of those things. “Well?”

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◢ Describe in detail what you want to do to my character sexually over anon.



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An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.

 Aldous Huxley (via a-misunderstanding-my-love)

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